Optimize your
Gen Z Workforce.

The world's next leaders want to grow your company.

Analyze, Optimize, Repeat.

We work with businesses to evaluate and optimize their Generation Z hiring, management, and marketing strategies.

We don't just know your target market.

We are your target market.

Half-Day Workshops

Learn more about the next generation and how to best utilize them in your business.

1-on-1 Consultation

One-on-one consultation and mentorship. Anytime. Anywhere.

Internal Research & Analysis

Analyze and improve your current company practices and internal structures.


External Research & Analysis

Find out how your business can best market to and recruit Generation Z.

Your co-knowledge experts.

Our workshops don't preach or tell. You know your business, we know our generation.

We work with business leaders to uncover and drive insights. Our expertise, your experience.

"In a world filled with noise, its refreshing to get good and much needed advice from the best. I highly recommend ZedConsults. I have had the pleasure to know and work with one of their founders, Kyle, and his unique solutions to complex problems always fascinate me. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen. Tom Brady had Belichick. Make sure ZedConsults is on your side."

Amer Abu Shakra - CEO, TradeArc Consulting & Host of The Weekly Call Pod Podcast

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