Who are we?

Why are generations so different from each other?

People react to the environment they live in. And we are never as impressionable as we are when we're kids. The cohorts of people born after 1995 have grown up in the midst of 3 recessions. They've seen the explosion of technology in the form of social media and the internet and have never known an age where they didn't have the entire world in their pocket. They've seen increased discussions around world issues like equality, the environment, and poverty. 

We know the people who came of age in this environment are going to be very different than generations before them. The problem? If you ask employees and employers alike nowadays, there's a stark contrast between how companies see us and how Zoomers perceive themselves.

At ZedConsults, we aim to optimize your company’s recruitment process while advising you on marketing and managing strategies to best reach and communicate with Gen Z. With 36% of the global workforce being a member of Gen Z, it's important for companies and recruiters to effectively integrate this tech-savvy generation as soon as possible.

What does that look like? We run half-day workshops with companies to teach them the basics as well as discuss how that applies to their company to create real actionable value. We conduct research & analysis, then create reports with recommendations to better structure your business for managing & recruiting purposes or marketing purposes, whichever you choose. Finally, we offer expert consultants to coach you on a recurring basis whenever issues arise in your business with Gen-Z. 

Our consultants will work with your company to devise a plan that best meets your Gen-Z recruitment objectives while developing and adapting new recruitment, marketing, and management strategies.

Being members of this generation and having studied Gen Z tendencies and behaviors for numerous years and researching the trends and changes consistently, we understand them.

We are Generation Z.


Join us on a webinar, book a workshop, or just reach out to the team to connect. We’d love to chat! 



Our Values


We believe that everyone deserves a voice and an environment that allows them to reach their full potential. We believe that by working together, across organizations and generations, we can better tackle the issues of today & tomorrow. We believe that every situation is different and that one must first seek to understand before they seek to be understood.

We will ensure that these values are carried out by:

  • Giving everyone a voice at the table, in our organization and our clients’

  • Consistently reading new materials/reading up on trends/discussing with other Gen-Zers

    outside of our organization to stay up-to-date and understand Generation Z

  • Beginning relationships with every client by asking questions throughout the

    organization to better understand the situation before making recommendations

  • Being honest, vocal, and holding each other to a high level of accountability and

    integrity within our team