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Anjay Seabrook CMO 

I’m a born and raised Vancouverite with a passion for new experiences and a strong sense of wanderlust. As Chief Media Officer at ZedConsults, I think we have an opportunity to help guide the demographic shift happening as Baby Boomers retire and Gen Z enters the workforce. My goal is to make lasting and impactful contributions to the way businesses operate and work with Gen Z, creating healthier work environments for everyone.

The thing I love most about visual marketing is the ability to take something abstract and turn it into a concrete identity. Storytelling is the one of the oldest means of communication across generations. I aim to harness this tradition to help clients reformulate their own story in a way that is fresh and relevant for the 21st century and beyond. I’m driven by my own curiosity of new sectors and random fields. I try to take existing understandings of things and flip them on their side; to try and reframe the narrative and create a new story.

I have an extensive background in marketing, design, and promotions. Most recently, I worked as Promotions Team Lead at UBC Recreation as well as having served as the Director of Media for the University of British Columbia Black Student Union. The experience I earned in these roles has given me invaluable cultural acumen, insights into marketing to Gen Z, and has served fundamental in shaping the career path I’m headed on.

I’m currently working on establishing my own creative studio specializing in branding, art direction, graphic design, and marketing, launching in 2021. My hobbies include photography, fitness and nutrition, and sketching. 

If you’d like to work together, I’d love to hear from you!