Frequently Asked Questions

At ZedConsults, we optimize your company’s recruitment process and advise you on marketing and managing strategies to best reach and communicate with Generation Z. With 36% of the global workforce being a member of Generation Z, it's important for companies and recruiters to effectively integrate this tech-savvy generation as soon as possible.

Who is Generation Z?

Generation Z , is the generation succeeding Millennials born from the late 90's to early 10's; most are the children of Generation X. They grew up during 3 recessions, the explosion of technology in the form of social media and the internet. Generation Z has never known an age without the entire world in their pocket and have witnessed increased discussions around world issues like equality, the environment, and poverty. 

What industries do you specialize in?

We have the talent and resources to quickly learn the core fundamentals of virtually any industry. Markets we have served include consumer products, distance education/e-learning, financial services, food service, higher education, import export, Internet/e-commerce, media and entertainment, networking, and start-ups. We believe in providing our full value and that's what we do. We know you possess the industry expertise in abundance and we aim amplify that knowledge by finding new opportunities and mitigating potential threats.

Generation Z now makes up 40% of all US consumers; is your business ready to face the challenges of these changing consumer demographics? 80M Baby Boomers will be retiring within the next 20 years, are you prepared for a completely new workforce. 50% of Generation Z will be university educated.

Isn't every generation the same?

To be blunt, the answer is no. Although there are many similarities from generation to generation; there are major difference that set Generation Z apart. People react to the environment they live in, Generation Z has faced an unprecedented amount of disruption. As digital natives, meaning they can't recall a time without the internet; they have unlimited access to information. Generation Z has the ability to create niche industries, new businesses, global change and social change. Generation Z already has the ability to harness it's $140B+ spending power to cancel and create industries. This impact and influence is only growing.

What services are best for my firm?

You can contact us to discuss what package is best for you. We assess your organizational goals, challenges and size to determine how to bring you best value.