Internal Research & Analysis

We come into your place of work to interview employees and observe current structure. We then combine that with real-world expertise to provide analysis and recommendations to you on how to improve your company's targeting of Generation Z through management and recruiting. 


Analyze and improve your current company practices and structure

Gen-Zers job hop like no other generation. But what if we told you it was less to do with them and more to do with the environment they're being put in? 

Why do some companies have young workers that stay with them for 5+ years and others can't keep their average young employee around for more than a year? Want to know the secret to keeping your young workers with you for long periods of time?

Even if you're able to keep a Gen-Zer around for a while, you're likely still struggling with motivating your employees to do well. How many times have you asked a young person what they want out of their job and then had them tell you: "to make a difference"? How can they expect to make a difference when they've only been there for two weeks?

Not understanding us is creating real costs and hits to revenue in your organization. There's no time to keep procrastinating in taking steps to better understanding us. Companies all around you are taking the next step and if you don't soon, you'll quickly fall behind.

We work with companies to internally look at their company and analyze what we see. We come into your company and interview employees, observe your workplace, and research what works in your company and what doesn't. We then combine that research and analysis with real-world expertise to provide actual recommendations to you on how to improve your organization and better reach the young people in your organization.