Letter from

the Founder

Hi, my name’s Kyle and I’m the founder & CEO of ZedConsults.


I’ve been working with Gen-Zers for quite a while now and I truly love it. I don’t believe there has ever been a generation so motivated to make a difference, not just for themselves but for the entire world, nor a generation so capable to do so with the world quite literally at their fingertips. 


Starting in high school, I began working in many extracurriculars and jobs that put me at the forefront of working with young people. At that point, I wasn’t specifically targeting Gen-Z, but I realized very quickly that I really enjoyed helping to develop young people. During that time, I worked as a hockey referee and a camp counselor, while taking on senior positions in my high school’s leadership programs.


In 2017, I chose to attend Western University in the Richard Ivey Business Program, where I pursued a certificate in Entrepreneurship. In my time there, I learned a lot about business in general but, as we read case studies of modern-day businesses, I felt more and more that businesses today do not understand the cohort of people about to become adults: my generation. There were real flaws in their ways of thinking, their structures, and their strategies moving forward that would push away my generation and quite literally kill their motivation. 


While attending post-secondary school, I ran my first business through the Student Works Management Program, a two-time member of Canada’s Growth 500 companies. I did that for two years, managing more than 20 employees and approximately $200K of business revenue, while fundraising more than $3,000 for the MS Society of Canada, whom we were partnered with. The next year, I was promoted to the position of a Business Coach and led eight student entrepreneurs to manage fifty student employees and produce $500K of revenue during the Covid-19 pandemic. In that role, I also worked as a senior executive of Student Works, a Gen-Z run business, as we produced more than $14 million in revenue. In 2021, I have recruited and will be leading a team of 18 student entrepreneurs to manage more than 150 Gen-Zers and produce between $1.5M and $2M in business revenue with my team specifically. As a collective company, we are adapting our structures and strategies, aiming to create more than $18 million in revenue, with a team of exclusively Gen-Zers. 


I started ZedConsults in 2020 after realizing that there were fundamental practices that I and the teams I worked with were doing that were allowing the Gen-Zers we worked with to thrive and perform. Through ZedConsults, I want to create a world where the knowledge of how to create a Gen-Z friendly business isn’t a trade secret, but common knowledge. 


ZedConsults was started because, as a world, we’re coming to a crossroads. As a generation, Gen-Z is more aware of world issues than ever before because of social media and the internet. 


Climate change is slowly destroying our world. As Elon Musk funds the first rockets that will carry people to Mars, we are beginning to face the very real possibility that our own planet won’t be habitable within our lifetime. 


We’ve made a lot of progress for inequality and diversity but, with BLM hitting the streets, LGBTQ2+ discrimination still happening, and a large gender pay gap, we’ve still got a long way to go. 


Since the deregulation of labour laws in the 1970s, businesses have focused on short-term profits over the real people working for them. The result has been the creation of a generation of people that job hop more often between companies, leading to those same businesses complaining about the lack of loyalty in young people nowadays. 


I’m naming a few world issues but they don’t stop there. If I could click a button and fix them, I would. But it doesn’t work like that. Already at 36% of the workforce and controlling $143 billion of direct spending annually in the US in 2020, Generation Z will be the agents of change that guide which path we take on our crossroads: the path towards a better future or the one that hammers the nail in our coffin. 


Now I’m a realist but, like this generation, I’m also an optimist. I firmly believe that Gen-Z wants to set us on the right path and I think that with the right environment, they can. ZedConsults is my medium, and my team’s medium, to create that atmosphere in the organizations of our modern market. 


My mission is to quite literally give you the tools I have learned to attract, motivate, and reach my generation to help propel forward the goals of your business. My only ask is that you will use them to drive real change with the help of my generation. 


I encourage you to join me on that mission. Hop on one of our webinars or send us an email!

Kyle Pavlich

Founder & CEO - ZedConsults