Oliver Robles  


Since I was young I’ve always had a passion for all things visually creative. Growing up I was always sketching or painting something. My childhood was a bit of a mixing pot - I was born in NYC where the majority of my childhood was spent. A small part of my childhood was also spent in the Philippines then Jersey City. From there, my family moved to Niagara Falls, Canada. After high school I eventually settled myself in Toronto, where I saw lots of opportunity to grow myself both personally and professionally.


I have an extensive background in customer service and hospitality, spending the last 15 years working in hotels, restaurants and event venues. The majority of my professional career spent in Toronto has been involved in the opening and managing of new restaurants, venues and F&B operations, a few of these being Canadian flagships. With these companies I created and implemented policies and procedures that are still in place today; I worked with vendors, owners and executives to not only reach, but also exceed goals we had set. While working in hospitality I also free-lanced my skills in Photography and Videography working special events, sporting events, food styling/photography, studio work etc… With some of these clients gained through networking within the world of hospitality.


I thrive when multitasking and truly love having multiple things on the go. I like to stay goal-oriented with a vision, while also staying grounded and realistic. My work ethic has opened up a world of opportunities to me that I previously thought were out of reach. I like to maintain the outlook that we are all students of life and forever learning - with that viewpoint I am constantly trying to expand my knowledge on anything I come across and have minimal knowledge on. My hobbies include powerlifting, photography, videography, bartending/mixology and cooking.


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