Gen Z Recruitment: A Marketing Effort

With the older batch of Gen Zs now graduating university and college, recruiters are expecting a rapid inflow within their company ranks. However, as this young generation enters the job market, employers are finding their recruitment methods less effective, and at times outdated.

While stiff competition amongst zoomers grants employers a wider selection of educated and competent individuals, zoomers have become equally selective of who they work for. Factors involving corporate social responsibility, brand purposing, and social media investment are central to Gen Z's selection process.

In many ways, Gen Z is already changing the approach to recruitment; companies are aware of the potential and expertise that zoomers offer and, as such, are finding ways to make their companies as appealing and engaging as possible. To enact this, companies must restructure their recruitment strategies by often remarketing their brand to potential Gen Z employees.

So how do companies go about this genuinely and authentically?

Company Branding & Corporate Social Responsibility

With the help of their digital nativeness coupled with their keen social awareness, Gen Zs' consumer tendencies are heavily influenced by socio-political factors. Whether it be through environmental measures or political action, zoomers take note when purchasing goods and services. They are well educated and can easily trace back company scandals while also sniffing out any brand contradictions. So much so that 80% of zoomers refuse to buy goods from companies involved in scandals and, 70% try to purchase from companies they consider ethical

These tendencies in Gen Z consumerism have been known and partially addressed. However, as workers, zoomers apply these same attitudes. Gen Z consumer tendencies and ethics are constantly intersecting, and as such, companies must converge their marketing efforts within their recruitment processes.

A big part of this is through company branding. Repeatedly, zoomers have expressed being mission-driven and engaged with the company's stance or mission on global and local issues. For instance, 40% of zoomers would leave their current employer if the company failed to engage in sustainable practices.

Assuming a position may be difficult given today's socio-political climate, but it's a choice companies must make when seeking to reach young employees. Furthermore, employees of all generations become more invested in work which they feel emotionally invested in and thus generate higher performance work. One study reports that purpose-oriented employees are 54% more likely to stay with their organization for over five years. In essence, companies that exhibit consistent and genuine mission branding through humanitarian, environmental, and charitable means are noticed and quite appealing to Gen Z.

Digitized & Modernized Recruitment Processes

Concerning recruitment and application processes, Gen Zs are very selective with their application criteria. One of the challenges recruiters face when addressing Gen Z is outdated or impersonal recruitment methods. Recruitment technology should be an essential priority when seeking to attract zoomers. It matters so much that 54% of zoomers will not apply for a job if they find the recruitment process to be outdated.

Zoomers strongly value positive candidate experience they complete most of their research through company websites and, unsurprisingly, social media. More importantly, this research is completed with the help of smartphones and platforms that employ visual media. With hand-tech being a go-to for nearly all Gen Zs, companies must adapt their recruitment resources and better format them for mobile usage.

Approximately 90% of zoomers use Youtube, and 75% use Instagram weekly. Much of their information and research on companies is gathered from video/picture-based platforms. Companies should consider these figures by expanding their presence through Youtube channels or Instagram profiles. In turn, this allows zoomers to get a better feel for company culture while helping them better visualize a career with that company.

However, despite their digital appeal, members of Gen Z are highly receptive to hiring events. Zoomers truly appreciate more direct approaches. Having job fairs and on-campus hiring events allows them to connect with a company representative and immediately feel more involved and motivated to join.

Benefits & Growth

Security and growth remain some of Gen Z's top priorities. Being as economically pragmatic as they are, zoomers place much importance on benefits. Medical insurance, retirement plans as well as paid time off are of extreme importance to this generation. Many zoomers are willing to take pay cuts if it means having such benefits. However, companies can get more creative through bonus incentives or even student debt repayment programs. With a majority of Gen Z affected by student loans with heavy interest rates, a company providing debt/loan payment programs will gain considerable attention.

Gen Zs also want to see how they can grow in a company. For a young individual, nothing is more appealing than seeing a company that invests in them from an early stage. Companies can show their interest by exposing their young employees to new experiences within different branches of the company. In turn, this allows young employees to diversify their tasks and responsibilities. Additionally, zoomers long for mentorship. By providing individualized career plans with mentorship guidance shows a sense of caring for employee growth and development, which is another essential factor for Gen Zs.

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