Wilfred Sam-King Jr. CRO

I was born in Freetown Sierra Leone, during a decade-long civil war. When I was six years old my mother, sister, and I were sponsored to Canada under refugee status. I grew up as a proud Canadian in Winnipeg and have been a serial entrepreneur since my first snow shoveling company at age 12. As an experienced innovator, relationship builder, and Generation Z industry leader I specialize in building successful marketing campaigns and research models.


I share the same global outlook as Zoomers; the ability to stay optimistic, realistic, and goal-oriented with the understanding nothing is granted but rather earned. My professional career has included athletic, academic, political, and social influences. I grew up playing many sports including basketball, soccer, handball and track. I chose to focus on track and received academic and athletic scholarships to the University of Manitoba. I completed my bachelor's degree majoring in Psychology, Economics and Management(marketing). During my time as a student I was elected as Vice President External for the University of Manitoba Students' Union; one of Canada's largest students’ unions and successfully launched their first Marketing Department. 


My strong work ethic led me into a track career at the international level, where I had the opportunity to represent Canada as a top-ranked athlete. My athletic career not only improved my performance but has expanded my perspective on how diverse our newest workforce is. I have been to every major provincial capital city in Canada, competed/trained in 35+ American States, and traveled to over 8 countries. Social, environmental, political and financial influences are top of mind for all Gen Zers we are a product of our diverse environment and experiences. 


These experiences combined with over fifteen years of tangible entrepreneurial, management and sales experience have given me the ability to connect, develop and execute successful business plans. 


I’m looking forward to hearing from you!